Park Sënnesräich

Observe, hear, touch, smell and taste: discover your 5 senses in a playful way in the Park Sënnesräich Lullange!

The Room for the Senses which explores all 5 human senses, that is the motto of the educational leisure centre Park Sënnesräich in Lullingen. Whether for families, groups or classes this room knows how to teach its visitors in a playful way how our senses work.

Opening hours:

Thursday and Friday 13.00 - 17.00
Saturday and Sunday 10.00 - 17.00
Monday to Wednesday Closed


Kids until 5 years free entrance
Kids from 5-12 years : 5,50 €
Kids from 12 years on and adults : 7,5 €.

The Garden of the Senses

Even the outdoor area invites you to stay a while and relax and play. You will find the playground next to the terrace of the bistro Sënnesräich, the great maze, the barefoot station, the pond and the sports complex. And they all want to be explored.

Accessible all year round. Free access.

Air Tramp

Fun and movement on a big aerial cushion.
Reservation necessary

  • Tel: 99 47 84 45